Grounded in the traditional lineages of yoga with a focus on Ayurveda, Ashtanga, Tantra and Hatha. Monica and Emma bring a wealth of knowledge, personal practice and experience to their offerings.

"Ritual Retreats was born out of our shared love of all things yoga. We believe that there is a wealth of knowledge and understanding of self to be gained by following the ancient teachings and practices of yoga. The rituals within these practices can be embodied within our daily routines to enhance this beautiful experience of life.

We can’t wait to share the practices that are so dear to our hearts and have shaped our lives for the better. Join us for a Ritual Retreat experience." - Love Mon and Em xo 

"Yoga is a journey to the self, through the self." - Bhagavad-Gita



About Monica Aurora 

Monica teaches dynamic classes that are grounded in traditional lineages of yoga and spun together with a creative twist. She has studied yoga, meditation and Ayurveda in the USA, India and Australia and continues to enrich her teachings with personal practice and study. Monica has a great understanding of the body and shares anatomical keys with her students to unlock movement patterns and to reclaim balance. She emphasises alignment and awareness of breath as she guides her students into a deeper state of connection to the body and a simultaneous detachment from the fluctuations of the mind.


About Emma maidment 

Emma is passionate about health and wellbeing and living an authentic, connected life. She is a devoted student of the ancient practice of yoga and a dedicated teacher. Emma’s classes are energetic and dynamic whilst being grounded in mindful movement. Her classes see students moving in new ways and learning to connect and listen to their bodies, offering an experience of deep self-awareness. Emma aims to empower her students to take the lessons learnt on the mat with them into daily life.  She writes regularly on health and wellbeing for Body+Soul and has been featured in Natural Health Magazine, The Daily Mail, Yoga Journal and Yahoo Lifestyle, amongst others. Emma runs a number of wellbeing events, including Mindful Marketing Workshops as well as teaching for Wanderlust ANZ. You can follow her adventures on instagram: @emmamaidment_ or head to